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City Climate Intelligence

The Future of Urban Greenhouse Gas Measurement 

Introducing CCI

Cities face a critical information gap for addressing the climate crisis and achieving net-zero emissions. They lack actionable data about how, where, and when GHG emissions are emitted across their cities, urban sectors, and communities.

City Climate Intelligence (CCI) is the modern solution to identifying your city's emissions problems. Our powerful Greenhouse Gas (GHG) monitoring methodology and platform will drive urban climate awareness, action, and accountability for cities around the world by providing near real-time, high-resolution GHG emissions data and climate action insights.


The CCI initiative is a joint effort between RMI, NEXQT, Carbon Monitor, HESTIA and WMO-IG3IS. Link to the Issue Brief drafted by RMI.


About CCI

Our Vision is to help city governments move beyond standardized GHG emissions reporting and support them with actionable insights to reduce urban GHG emissions around the world. City governments should not have to struggle with developing their own carbon emissions inventories. The process can be time consuming and difficult, and the insights gained may be infrequent, inaccurate, and even leave out urban sectors entirely.


CCI can help your city identify blind spots and fill the climate information gaps holding your city back., Our platform can provide vital support to city climate action planning and decision-making, while also providing citizens with a tool for holding their governments accountable to climate commitments. 

Decision makers need access to more frequent, localized, and cost-effective GHG emissions data along with targeted GHG emissions reduction insights to help their cities make meaningful progress.

Every year counts.  Every CO2 ton counts.  Every data point counts.

From Data to Action

City governments need more than a carbon budget spreadsheet to feed their decision making process and to change the pace of dialogue and transparency.


To transform your city's carbon emissions data into actionable insights, CCI applies a science-based technology chain leveraging AI and machine learning techniques on massive open data sets to produce urban emissions data over three tiers of resolution and visualize these at two spatial scales.

CCI's visualization platform uses a science-based technology chain with user-centric design for impact driven use.

Our emissions estimation methodology is peer-reviewed and evidence based, leveraging a technology chain of bottom-up and top-down analyses to visualize emissions and accelerate climate action.

It will provide high-resolution, comprehensive, accurate, comparable emissions quantification, which tracks progress, assesses outcomes, and provides real-time insights.

Bottom-Up Real Time Activity Data

Machine Learning for Patterns and Gap Filling

High Resolution, Nested Matrix (City, Ward, Street, Building)

Multi-Tiered Sensor Networks, From Satellite to Ground

Technology Chain

Multi-Scale Data and Insight Delivery

Three tiers of resolution

for urban emissions data

Tier 1 - Data on GHG emissions
at the metropolitan area level

Tier 2 - Data on GHG emissions
at the neighborhood level

Tier 3 - Data on GHG emissions
at the building and street level.

Three key services  to 

deliver climate action insights

1 - High-resolution, Near Real-

Time Estimates of City-Scale

GHG Emissions

2 - Actionable Information Maps

for City Managers and Citizens

3 - Unlocking of Climate Finance
and New Business Models

Data Visualization at Two Spatial Scales

Our Global Story Map

CCI's partners have already delivered a full-scale application of our data visualization from tier-1 to tier-3 in our collaborations with Paris and Los Angeles. 


Follow our global story map below to explore our story in-detail and to gain deeper insights on the barriers these cities faced in managing and mitigating their emissions.

CCI Partners

With seed funding support from the Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham Environmental Trust, our interdisciplinary team of energy and carbon cycle experts, data scientists, and city sustainability professionals developed CCI.

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