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Global Urban
GHG Emissions Map

Identify current trends, emissions hotspots, and benchmark your city

City Climate Intelligence Around the  World. 

Our Urban GHG emissions dataset improves upon time-loss and temporal resolution of city-level emission inventories, as well as includes estimates for both metropolitan areas and city level boundaries, which are consistent with global and regional totals.

This aspect of the CCI project was built from a collaboration among Carbon Monitor, Hestia, IG3IS, and Nexqt for 10 international cities: Delhi; Johannesburg; Mexico City; Lyon; Marseille; Copenhagen; Denver; Madison; Portland; and Washington, D.C.

Today, CCI has grown to support 53 cities in 28 countries, across 5 continents. Our platform is supported by Carbon Monitor Cities for our African, Asian, EU, and Latin American cities, and Vulcan Version 3.0 for our U.S. cities.  We intend to make this level of GHG emissions accessible for every major metropolitan area around the world.

At the Metropolitan Scale,

CCI delivers GHG emissions visualizations for cities at a 10km resolution and disaggregates emissions data on six key sectors:

Ground Transportation
International Shipping

Zoom in on our 53 covered cities

Click on a grid cell to display the time series

factory producing smokes_edited_edited.jpg
Streets of Hong Kong_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Data Provided by :

Vulcan 3.0

Our Methodology

Read publications by Carbon Monitor and the Vulcan Team to learn more about how our team developed the Metropolitan Scale methodology.

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